Ron Sanders began his career as a feature film editor in Toronto in the mid-1970s. Since then he has worked with directors including Rex Bromfield, Mark Lester, Yves Simoneau, Robert Longo, Daniel Petrie Jr., Sturla Gunnarson, Norman Jewison , Stephen Silver and Henry Sellick.

He has collaborated with director David Cronenberg on a total of 16 films, winning Genie Awards for Excellence in Film Editing for four—Dead Ringers (1989), Crash (1996), eXistenZ (2000) and Eastern Promises (2007). He received Best Editor Awards from the Directors Guild of Canada for A History of Violence (2006) and Eastern Promises (2008) and A Dangerous Method (2012)

Ron was nominated for an American Cinema Editors Award for his work on Coraline (2010).

Ron has actively supported emerging talent in the editing room and welcomed students and others interested in learning more about this aspect of the business. He regularly works with emerging Editors at the Canadian Film Centre.